Curated list of pitfalls in React Native

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1. zIndex android issues

React Native Version: 0.59

The zIndex property doesn’t work in android when the parent views are collapsable.

Example: The following component will not render components based on zIndex.

<View style={{ flex: 1 }}>
  <View style={{ flex: 1 }}>
    <View style={[, { zIndex: 10, left: 10, backgroundColor: 'green' }]} />
    <View style={[, { zIndex: 5, left: 50, backgroundColor: 'red' } ]} />

To fix this issue, just make sure that any one of the parents are not collapsable. Which can be done by adding various styles backgroundColor, border, etc that requires the view to be drawn, or by adding collapsable={false}. Read more about it.

2. Text Layout Calculation with Font Weight

With certain android phones like One Plus and Oppo, that provide their own system font, React Native fails to display the entire text (looks like a miscalculated width) when font-weight property is set. To resolve, use standard fonts like Roboto.

The problem has issue reports (no resolution yet). 1. 2.